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The Infamous Fog Light ModAllows the fog lights to turn on with only the park lamps
Body Kit InstallationInstalling a Body Kit is a way to set your ride off from the rest. These instructions were written after a Wings West Avenger Install (Front/Rear Bumpers and Side Skirts) on a ZX3, but should be similar for most body kits on all Foci.
Aftermarket Hood InstallationAn aftermarket hood can offer superior weight reduction and/or cooler air temperatures in your engine compartment, as well as giving you that "custom" look if you want it. You can have one installed in minutes! Optional instructions: Hood Pins and Re-Installing OEM Wiper Nozzles.
Spark Plug Wire Cover InstallationThis is a Zetec-Only Under-hood aesthetic hack, but it really adds to the fit-and-finish appearance.
Replacing front corner turn signal lensesThis will help you replace the front corner turn signals (not the ones in the upper grill)
Do-It-Yourself SVT-Style HeadlightsMMI-ZX3 (From Focaljet) Explains Step-By-Step how to take apart your headlights and give them a new look! He uses black, but you could essentially paint the inside any color (for instance, to match your car's paint color)
Shortening the stock AntennaShorty antennas are all the rage. With a small sacrifice to radio reception, you can shorten your antenna on the cheap without the hassle or price of a custom aftermarket antenna.