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FocusHacks is a site with instructions to help you improve your Ford Focus. Here you'll find step-by-step instructions for working on your Focus, from performing regular maintenance to installing high-performance Ford Focus parts and accessories.
Use the menu on the left to start looking at the Hacks, or search to find what you're looking for. If you would like to write a hack, or have an idea for a FocusHack you'd like to see in the database, let me know!
Feeling thankful? Drop me a line and tell me your war stories, or donate via the menu option on the left (whatever amount you feel is fair!) to help keep FocusHacks online.
Another hack you need to make sure you have in place is proper car insurance. You can learn about Ford auto insurance right here. There is also a car insurance calculator that you can use here to get price estimates. There are so many options but if you do some homework, you can save yourself a bunch of hassle and money.
Disclaimer: You assume any and all responsibility for injuries, property damage, voided warranties or problems that result from following instructions outlined here. By Continuing, you agree to hold FocusHacks staff harmless.

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Existing Focus owners can look into auto refinancing as a way to help cut down the monthly costs of their loans.
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