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Aftermarket Hood Installation

An aftermarket hood can offer superior weight reduction and/or cooler air temperatures in your engine compartment, as well as giving you that "custom" look if you want it. You can have one installed in minutes! Optional instructions: Hood Pins and Re-Installing OEM Wiper Nozzles.

Mad Props: LuvMyFoci for having a Cervini Hood, and FocusZoomin, for 
discussing with me about the details of how her hood got installed.

Tools Needed:
Socket Set
Torx Bits and Screwdriver Set
Power Drill and Bits: Optional

Time Needed:
Depends, but you can have it done in 15-30 Minutes if you don't want
windshield Washer Nozzles.

Prop your hood open.

Remove the hood Latch Loop from the underside front of the hood.

Detach the windshild wiper fluid line from the hood.

If replacing wiper fluid nozzles, Go to the steps at the bottom before
continuing with the installation.

Un-Bolt the two bolts on each side of the hood holding it to the

Remove hood.  

If installing hood pins, it's still a good idea to leave the stock
latching mechanism intact, but it is not required.  It is a good
safety measure to keep snoops from opening your hood and stealing
your Cold Air Intake and plug wires.  :)

Attach hood latch loop to underside of aftermarket hood.  If needed,
drill pilot holes.  Be careful to place this exactly in the right spot
or else your hood will be dangerous (it could not latch properly and
flip backwards while driving, blocking your view, and potentially 
injuring you and damaging the car at the same time!).  If mis-aligned,
it can also cause bowing and un-due stress on the hood and latch.

If needed, Drill Pilot holes in the new hood for the hinges.  Again,
make sure the holes are in the correct location if you must drill them

Attach hood to hinges  Use the hood prop and/or a friend to help
hold and line up the hood.  Re-attach the hinge bolts. 

Carefully lower the hood and make a quick visual check that it will
not hit anything in the engine compartment, and that the latch is
properly engaged.

If installing hood pins, find a suitable mounting point on the frame
of the car.  Drill pilot holes for mounting the pins, and install pins
with supplied hardware.

Carefully lower the hood and mark where you need to drill holes for the
hood-pin pass-through. 

Carefully drill the holes, and place the anti-scuff protector washers on
the hood surface.  (they're usually self-adhesive).

Lower the hood through the pins and latch hood in place.  Install 
hood pin retainer clips.

* Steps for re-installing OEM Washer Nozzles:

Remove washer nozzles carefully from the Original hood, or acquire
new washer nozzles (OEM or Aftermarket).

Option 1: On the hood (Original Placement)
Carefully mark and drill new holes in the new hood for the nozzles.

Place the nozzles on the new hood

Attach mounting hardware to hold nozzles in place.  Re-attach washer
fluid hoses.

Continue with hood mounting.

Option 2: Under the hood

Place nozzles under the hood at a location where they can spray the
windshileld.  Mount with custom hardware or drill holes in the
plastic vent dam in front of windshileld.

Attach Washer Fluid Hoses.

Continue with hood mounting.

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