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The Infamous Fog Light Mod

Allows the fog lights to turn on with only the park lamps

Cost: Almost free
Time Required:Less than 5 min.
What you'll need:
A few inch of 12ga (or thicker) wire
Wire Stripper/Cutter/Crimper Combo tool (cheap at parts store if you don't own one)
2 Spade Lug Crimp Terminals (cheap at parts store)
Fuse/relay puller or some prying tool

1. Open your hood and locate the fuse box (Drivers' side near windshield)

2. Open fuse box and locate R13 according to the map on the fuse box cover

3. Pry, pull, or otherwise remove Relay #R13 from it's socket. It is in there tight but it comes out!

4. Cut a length of wire about 2 inches long. Strip the ends and crimp a spade lug to each end.

5. Push the lugs in to connect the two parallel sockets (not the 3 parallel ones).

6. ALL DONE! This modification might cause you to fail inspection if they check to see that fog lights are only on with your low beams and at no other time. I keep the relay in my glove box just in case.


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