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Replacing front corner turn signal lenses

This will help you replace the front corner turn signals (not the ones in the upper grill)

Time Required:
Less than 15 minutes per turn signal

Tools Needed:

  • Socket set or adjustable crescent wrench


    1) You may want to jack the front end of the car up with a floor jack on proper jacking points. It isn't required though.
    2) Look up under the bumper where the turn signal sits. You may want to use a mirror if you can't get under the front end.
    3) Twist the bulb holder Anti-Clockwise and remove it from the lens.
    4) Using the wrench or socket, un-do the 2 "cheapo" sheetmetal nuts which hold the turn signal housing to the bumper.
    5) Pull the turn signal housing out from the bumper.
    Assemble in reverse order.

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