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Replacing Fuel Injectors

Whether you're looking for more fuel flow, or just replacing a bad fuel injector, this will walk you though the process.

Time Required:
Less than 1 Hour

Tools Needed:

  • Shop Rags
  • Socket Set and Ratchet
  • Screwdriver with TORX Bits
  • Small standard Screwdriver or pocketknife to pry with


    Special Notes:
    Be sure you will be working in an area with adequate ventilation and away from all pilot lights, open flames, or burning items. Never smoke while working in the presence of flammable gasses and liquids. Never work on the fuel system with a hot engine! Allow the engine to cool if it has been run recently.
    Time Required:
    Less than one hour

    1) In the passenger footwell find the fuel pump cut off switch. It will be under a plastic cover.

    2) With a small prying tool, force the fuel cutoff button upwards until it releases and you can see it is visibly higher than before.

    3) Start your engine. It should run for less than 15 seconds. If it does not die automatically, try step #2 again.

    4) After it dies, crank it over for 3 seconds and remove the key from ignition.

    5) Pop the hood and disconnect the Negative battery cable.

    6) Remove your intake (remove the intake hose from the Throttle Body to the airbox on a stock setup)

    7) Using TORX Screwdriver bits, remove the throttle body from the intake manifold and set it aside (you can leave cables attached to it)

    8) Remove the electrical plugs from each fuel injector

    9) Open the connector holding the fuel line to the fuel rail. Be ready to catch and wipe up any spilled fuel with a rag.

    10) Pull the fuel line from the rail. It will come off with a tug. Be sure to catch any fuel that spills.

    11) Using a socket (10mm I believe), remove the bolts holding the fuel rail down.

    12) Pull up on each injector gradually. The fuel rail comes out with all the injectors.

    13) Remove each injector from the fuel rail by sliding the connector and pulling the injector from the fuel rail.


    1) New injectors will snap into place on the fuel rail.

    2) Line up all injectors into their ports and press down on the base of each injector gradually working them back into place. Do not force them in using leverage on the fuel rail.

    3) Install the bolts that hold the Fuel Rail into place.

    4) Replace the fuel line and clip that attaches it.

    5) Reconnect each injector's electrical connector.

    6) Re-install the throttle body

    7) Reconnect air intake tube

    8) Press Fuel Cutoff Switch button back into place.

    Verify that the vehicle runs properly and check underhood for fuel leaks afterwards. Rectify any problems you find, as they could become dangerous once the engine is hot.

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