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Removing / Replacing Alternator (Zetec)

Removal of the alternator may be done when you need to upgrade to a higher output alternator, or to install an underdrive pulley such as the AEM or Focus Central Kit, which requires replacement of the alternator pulley.

Time Required:
1 Hour

Tools Needed:

  • Socket Set
  • Prying tools
  • Torque Wrench (Optional)


    1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.

    2. Remove the accessory drive belt. Information can be obtained from the Underdrive Pulley How-To

    3. Remove the alternator electrical connector cover.

    4. Disconnect the alternator electrical connectors.

    5. Remove the coolant expansion tank bolt.

    6. Detach the coolant expansion tank from the clip and secure to one side.

    7. Detach the power steering reservoir and secure to one side.

    8. Detach the engine wiring loom bracket and secure to one side.

    9. Detach the ground cable.

    10. Detach the evaporative emission canister purge valve and secure to one side.

    11. Remove the first bolt.

    12. Note:

  • The second bolt must be fully disengaged from the bracket although it is not possible to remove the second bolt at this stage.
    Unscrew the second bolt fully.

    13. Remove the alternator.

    Install in reverse order.

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