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Rear Seat Trick: Cargo Mode

This hack turns everything behind the front seats into a cavernous cargo area. It works for all Foci, but to a lesser extent on the sedans. It is great for the ZX3, ZX5, SVT, and Wagons though!

Time Required:
5 minutes or less

Tools Needed:

  • Hands


    First, pardon how messy my car is in these photos. I haven't gotten around to cleaning it out after the christmas festivities!

    When you fold the back seats down, it usually looks like this:

    That's nice and all, but don't you wish that the area back there was flat all the way across instead of jutting up at an angle like that?

    Step 1: Start with the seat in the normal upright position.

    Step 2: Grab the bottom part of the seat where it meets the seat backs, and pull it up and forward. It helps if you move the front seats up a bit first.

    Step 3: NOW, push the buttons on the seat backs, and lean them forward. They'll fall flat instead of up at an angle, and they'll hold the bottom seat cushion up against the front seats!

    Step 4: Remove the upper cargo area cover (if equipped) and lay it on the floor of the hatchback or remove it from the car completely.

    Instant cargo mode!

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