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Oil Change

Changing your own oil is cheaper and often times faster than taking it in to a shop to have it done. Here's how to do it!

Time Required:
15-45 Minutes. Less Time with practice!

Tools Needed:

  • 4.5 Quarts of oil for Zetec Engines(usually you end up buying 5 Quarts at a time) Check manual for Oil Capacity on SPI Engines
  • Oil Filter (Motorcraft FL-400S or K&N HP-2009)
  • Adjustable Crescent Wrench or a socket set and ratchet wrench
  • Oil Filter Wrench/Strap
  • Floor Jack/Jack Stands or Ramps with extenders (Not your spare tire scissors jack!)
  • Wheel Chocks (a thick piece of wood works) Oil Drain Pan


    1) Pull the car up to where you'll be doing the change at, then shut it off. If the car's engine is hot, let it cool down for at least 30 minutes.
    2) While cooling, place ramps ahead of the front wheels of the car, or chock the rear wheels and jack the front passenger corner of the car off the ground. See this hack lifting point locations.
    3) If using ramps, pull the car up onto the ramps and shut the car off. Chock the rear wheels and use your emergency brake.
    4) Prop the hood open, and open the oil filler cap on the valve cover.
    5) Locate the oil drain plug and oil filter. Remove the oil filter with the oil drain pan located beneath it. Make sure the rubber gasket came off the engine.
    6) Loosen and remove the oil drain plug, on the back of the engine's oil pan.
    7) Allow all oil to drain from engine.
    8) While oil is draining, open the new oil filter box, and open a bottle of oil. Dip your finger into the oil, and rub oil liberally on the rubber gasket of the oil filter. Make sure there is a good coat of oil on it.
    9) When oil is finished draining, install the new oil filter per the directions on the box and/or filter itself. It doesn't need to be installed "He-Man" tight, nor should it be!
    10) Replace oil drain plug
    11) Add about 4 Quarts of oil. Install oil filler cap.
    12) Back down off the ramps or lower the jack.
    13) Start the engine up, let it run for about a minute. While it's running, get out and check for dripping oil or leaks under the car.
    14) Stop the engine, let it sit for a minute, then check your oil level. It should be about 1/2 Quart low. add oil until dipstick reads "Full".
    15) Close hood, and enjoy!

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