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Mk3 Instrument Cluster Test and Diagnostic Mode

The Ford Focus instrument cluster can be put into a test mode, displaying diagnostic information. This updated procedure works on North American Focus from model year 2011 onward (Mk3)

Time Required:
Less than 5 Minutes

Tools Needed:

  • none required


  • Press and hold the "OK" button in the center of the left control pad.
  • While continuing to hold the "OK" button, turn the key to the "run" position. With push-button start, tap the start button without holding the brake or clutch pedal to enter run mode without starting.
  • Continue holding the "OK" button for a few more seconds, until the Message Center on the dashboard changes to test mode.
  • Release the "OK" button, and use the up/down buttons on the left steering wheel control to navigate through the diagnostic modes.
  • Highlights include a digital speedometer, tachometer, gauge sweep, message center display tests, LED test, engine temperature, battery voltage and the display of Diagnostic Troubleshooting Codes. These DTC codes are not a substitute for an OBD-II reader, but may provide additional information about the car's operation.

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