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Make your keyless entry remote unlock all doors wi

This will allow you to make the keyless entry unlock all the doors with one press of the unlock button. If your focus already does this, it will also allow you to force it back to 1 Press unlocking the driver's door only, with the second press unlocking the other doors.

Time Required:
10 seconds

Tools Needed:

  • One of your keyless entry remotes


    By default, the Focus Keyless Entry system requires you to press the unlock button twice to unlock all the doors, as the first press only unlocks the driver's side door. You can change this. 1) Stand within remote range of your car 2) Hold down both the lock and unlock buttons SIMULTANEOUSLY for about 5 seconds. The horn will chirp and lights will flash to signal that you have altered the setting. You can repeat this procedure to switch between "one press" mode and "two press" mode. Thanks to Buzzbomb for posting this in the Focaljet Forums.

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