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Instrument cluster light bulb replacement

As some foci get older, lights in the instrument cluster may start to burn out. The odometer bulb is the most obvious, but other bulb burning out will appear as darker areas on the gauge face as well.

Time Required:
30-45 minutes

Tools Needed:

  • Torx drivers
  • stubby philips screwdriver


    1) Remove the three Philips screws in the upper part of the sweeping dash. Pull it loose.

    2) Pull the wire harness off of the trunk release button behind the dash insert.

    3) Disconnect the rubber top of the steering column cover from the dash insert. Put the dash insert in the back seat.

    4) use a 7mm hex bolt driver to remove the 4 bolts on the top and bottom corners of the gauge unit

    5) Using a small screwdriver, pry black lever open to release the cluster from the electrical connector.

    6) Remove the cluster from the Dash

    7) On the back of the cluster, there are several grey knobs, each of which holds a light bulb. If you know which one is burned out, open the knob behind that bulb. In the below photo, the instrument cluster is updside down and the odometer is the one that's all alone surrounded by white plastic near the upper and slightly right part of the photo:

    8) Remove the bulb from this carrier, and put a new bulb in its place.

    9) re-assemble in reverse order.

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