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Instrument Cluster Test Mode

The Instrument cluster of all US-Spec Foci have a built in test-mode complete with digital speedometer, tachometer and diagnostic readings... Wanna access it? :)

1) Insert Key (do not turn it)
2) Press and hold the Trip-Meter Reset Button
3) While holding the reset button, start your car and continue holding the button.
4) Within 10 seconds, the display should change to "test" (written in a silly LCD font) and the needles will go nuts. No biggie. Release the Button.
5) Pressing the button will now cycle through some 15 different modes.

It's worth me mentioning that this diagnostic mode is no substitute for taking your car in for service. Many codes found in this mode mean absolutely nothing without other, expensive test equipment at the dealership.

Breakdown of some of the functions:
1 Press - Shows a Gauge Sweep
2 Presses - shows all 8's on the LCD (LCD TEST)
3 Presses - illuminates all the bulbs on the dash
4 Presses - displays hexadecimal value for ROM level
5 Presses - Displays the hexadecimal value for EE level
6 Presses - Shows DTC Troubleshooting Codes (Nothing to worry about though)
For the true hackers out there, the following table shows DTC descriptions. As mentioned before, the codes mean very little. Before tests are run, there's lots of steps that need to be taken. If you suspect something is wrong, have your computer scanned with an OBD-II scanner. Many auto parts stores do this for free. Dealers usually charge for this.
9202 Fuel sender open circuit
9204 Fuel sender short to ground
9213 Anti-theft number of programmed keys is below minimum
A103 Antenna not connected-defective transceiver
9232 Antenna not connected-defective transceiver
9317 Battery Voltage high
9318 Battery voltage low
9342 ECU is defective
9356 Ignition run circuit open
9364 Ignition Start circuit open
9600 PATS Ignition Key Transponder Signal is Not Received - Damaged Key or non-PATSKey
9601 PATSReceived Incorrect Key-Code from Ignition Key Transponder (unprogrammed Encoded Ignition Key)
9602 PATS Received Invalid Format of Key-Code From Ignition Key Transponder (Partial Key Code)
9681 PATSTranceiver Signal is Not Received (Not Connected, Damaged, or Wiring)
A139 PCM ID does not match between Instrument Cluster and PCM
A141 NVM Configuration Failure (No PCM ID exchange between Instrument Cluster and PCM)
A143 NVM memory failure
5284 Oil Pressure Switch Failure
D027 SCP Invalid or Missing Data for Engine RPM
D041 SCP Invalid or missing data for Vehicle Speed
D043 SCP Invalid or missing data for Traction Control
D073 SCP Invalid or missing data for engine coolant
D123 SCP Invalid or missing data for Odometer
D147 SCP Invalid or missing data for vehicle security
D262 Missing SCP message.

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