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Instrument Cluster Swap

Ever wanted to add a tachometer to your Focus that doesn't have one? This mod will tell you how to swap out for a instrument cluster

1. Move steering wheel complete down as far as possible if it moves.

2. Remove the 3 screws under the top of the instrument cluster cover panel.

3. Slowly put out the black frame which includes coin tray thing to the right of the instrument cluster. It will have restistance but do not use any tools to pry it off, the tools will damage the dash finish.

4. Fold it down toward you

5. Push in and up on each side of the top of the plastic cover on the steering column.

6. Remove trunk release harness plug

7. Slide every thing out the right side behind steering wheel.

8. Remove the 4 screws on instrument cluster

9. Tilt cluster toward you and find the black lever on the back of the instrument cluster plug. Push the little tab in and rotate the black lever to left, this should push the plug up and out.

10. Slide your old instrument cluster out right side behind steering wheel.

11. Slide new instrument cluster in right side and push plug in not hard with black lever on the left rotate lever back to right it will pull plug back in and lock with tab.

12. Position new instrument cluster with tach in old position replace the four screws.

13. Slide instrument cluster cover planel in right side and line up steering wheel colum cover and push down and lock in.

14. Fold instrument cover panel up and slowly push in it will pop back in to place, be careful not to damage dash finish.

15 replace the 3 screws under instrument cover panel.

16. put key in ignition and turn car on. check all lights on instrument cluster during start up computer test ex: airbag light, seat belt light, door open light ect... all gauges with jump to right and then to normal places.

17. Push gas to check tach working.

18. Take for right to test speedometer.

19. Your done. Damn now you have a tach...

TIP: Go to a junk yard first and find a instrument cluster in a crashed car it cheaper. Ford sells new ones for about $300.00

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