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Installing a Performance Chip

Installing a performance chip can work miracles by re-calibrating the way your car's computer handles engine management.


  • 10 mm Socket Wrench
  • Steel wool or Scotch Brite Pad
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton swabs
  • Pencil Eraser (Pink pet, preferably, as the metal part of a pencil could damage the PCM)
  • Needlenose pliers or a set of very small sockets
    Time Required:
    Less than 30 minutes
    1) Disconnect the negative battery Terminal.
    2) Refer to Removing the glove compartment to gain access to the Computer.
    3) Release the clamp that holds the computer in place.
    4) Use a 10mm socket to un-fasten the wiring harness from the computer module and unplug the computer from the harness
    5) Take the plastic cover off the computer module which is now loose from the car.
    6) Take the small bolts out of the PCM, that hold the two halves together. I used needle-nose pliers to get them loose, then removed them with my fingers.
    7) Use scotch brite pad to polish the protective coating off of the connector port for the performance chip or test equipment.
    8) Clean the connector first with a rubber eraser (pink pet) and then with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, until contacts are very shiny.
    9) Reassemble the PCM and replace the small bolts that hold it together.
    10) Insert the performance chip onto the connector
    11) Replace the Computer Cover, Plug it back in, fasten the wiring harness bolt, and replace the clamp that holds the computer in place.
    12) Put the glove-box back where it belongs
    13) Reconnect the negative battery Terminal
    14) Start the car! It might take a few minutes of driving to re-calibrate all the stored values lost during the battery disconnection.

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