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Front Wheel Lug Stud Replacement

Breaking off wheel lug studs seems to be a common problem on the Focus. The fronts seem more prone to breaking, and they're easy to replace. Here's how!

Time Required:
30 Minutes

Tools Needed:

  • Package of Keystone Washers
  • package of new lug nuts
  • PB B'Laster lubricant or WD-40
  • a scrap bolt that you can use to drive the broken stud out
  • hammer
  • new lug stud
  • jack
  • lug nut wrench
  • torque wrench


    1) Lift the affected wheel off the ground and remove the wheel.
    2) Apply a penetrating catalyst lubricant to the wheel stud that's broken.
    3) Use a scrap bolt that can be thrown away, place the threaded end on the broken lug stud and strike the blunt end with a hammer. The old wheel stud will pop out eventually (takes upwards of 20 strikes sometimes!)
    4) Place the new wheel lug stud in through the hole.
    5) Place all the keystone washers (4 will do the trick) over the wheel stud, then thread one of your lug nuts onto the lug stud. If you bought a whole new package, you can use one of your original lug nuts for this, as long as it is not cross threaded or damaged. Hand tighten the lug nut.
    6) Tighten the lug nut with the lug wrench now. It will pull up snug against the keystone washers and start pulling the lug stud into the wheel hub. Keep turning until tight. Don't over-tighten.
    7) Remove the lug nut and discard of it. It is damaged from being used for this purpose. Discard the original lugnut that was on the broken stud as well. You may re-use the keystone washers and scrap bolt for future lug stud installations if you wish.
    8) Highly recommend cleaning all the wheel studs with a dry wire brush. don't use harsh chemicals, lubricants or water on them.
    9) Install wheel, highly recommend replacing all the lug nuts on the affected wheel. DO NOT RE-USE THE LUG NUT USED TO PULL THE STUD THROUGH THE HUB.
    10) Lower the car, use a torque wrench to verify all lugnuts are torqued to exactly 90 lb/ft. Re-torque lug nuts after 100 miles.

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