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Finding your PCM Code

To order a performance chip, you need to tell the retailer what PCM Code you have. This indicates the version of Ford's engine management software you are running on the computer inside your car. This is very important, because performance chips are much like a software upgrade for your car's Powertrain Control Module. If the software upgrade is not compatable with the software you're currently running, your on-board computer will not work properly.

Time Required:
10 minutes or less

Tools Needed:

  • Flat-head screwdriver (Not always req'd)


    From what I've seen, all PCM codes are 3 letters followed by a number, such as LFQ0, LDC8, JFA7, WCC4, JFR5, etc.

    The code is in three places within your focus that I know of:

    1) Passenger side door jamb, close to the firewall, near the top hinge. This one is usually worn off and unreadable. If it's legible, it will have the PCM code and a barcode, and nothing else on it. It's about 3/4" x 1.5" or so.

    My sticker had already worn all the way off.

    2) On the connector plug of the PCM, visible with a flashlight and some eye strain. It will appear to be right below the metal box. There's lots of information, but you're only looking for the PCM code, which again, should be 3 letters and a number. Ignore the rest of the stuff on the sticker.

    Here you can see my PCM code. It's in bold font and easy to see it's JFA8.

    3) On the test port cover at the top of the PCM. It's a black plastic cover that you'd need to remove to install the chip. You can pry it off with a stubby flathead screwdriver, but be careful not to damage anything. I usually check this as a last resort if the other 2 locations are not visible.

    Here's my whole PCM. Yes, my CLM (black box) is mounted crooked. The dust cover is located on the top. Since I have a chip installed, all you see is the red tag hangin' out. If you pry the dust cover off gently with a flathead screwdriver, there's another sticker on it similar to the one pictured above.

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