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Adjusting Shifter Linkage without the special tool

Sometimes, the 5-speed shifter linkage cables get misaligned or come loose. There's a special alignment tool to help you fix it, but we don't believe in special tools. thanks to Noresull, we have a way to fix it!

Time Required:
15 minutes or so

Tools Needed:

  • 2 Sets of hands. Have a friend help you.


    1. Put shifter in Neutral
    2. Raise and support the front of the vehicle
    3. Crawl under, find the shift mechanism on the firewall side of the transmission.
    4. Press in the colored inserts on the shifter cables.

    5. Have an assistant hold the shifter itself as much in Neutral as possible.
    6. Move the shifter arms into the neutral position and then lock the colored inserts in place. Note This pic shows the cables removed for clarity.

    A better photo of the actual assembly, taken from the driver's side wheel well:

    7. Lower vehicle and the cables will be adjusted.

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