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Acell Coil upgrade for the SPI motor.

Upgrading the coil pack on your SPI can give you better throttle response, more power, and maybe even better gas mileage (if you don't get lead-foot-syndrome from the benefits of it!) FlaFocus shows us how to do it!

Time Required:
30 minutes

Tools Needed:

  • 8mm open end wrench
  • 7-8mm socket


    Props: Waterboy and FlaFocus (on focaljet) for pioneering, tesing, and writing about this mod.

    Parts Needed:

  • Acell coil #140018
  • Any good plug wire for a 1997 SPI Escort motor
  • 4 - 50mmx.08x5mm bolts
  • 4 - 1/2" spacers for bolts
  • 12 - 5mm flat washers
  • 4 - 5mm lock washers

    Coil removal.

    #1 remove airbox assembly, upper and lower.
    #2 disconnect MAF plug from MAF.
    #3 dicsonnect plug from coil pack, push in on the wire clip.
    #4 remove plus wires from plugs.
    #5 remove (3) 8mm bolts from coil bracket, one is under the coil, that is why you remove the airbox.
    #6 remove the (4) 7mm bolts holding the coil on to the bracket, remember the position for later refrence.

    Coil assembly, and install

    #1 Take the 4. 50mm bolt and install the 4. 5mm lock washers and slide in to new coil.
    #2 install (2) 5mm flat washers per bolt.
    #3 install (1) 1/2 spacer per bolt.
    #4 install (1) 5mm flat washer per bolt
    #5 align the new coil in to the same position as the old one was, and tighten all 4 bolts.
    #6 Looking at the old coil with the wires still on it, install the new wires to the coil so they are like the stock coil, then connect the plug wires to the spark plugs.
    #7 Reconnect MAF wires to MAF
    #8 Install Airbox assembly.

    Now take her out for a ride and notice the difference.

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