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Accessory belt replacement

When your accessory (serpentine) belt wears out, you'll need to replace it. This is a standard maintenance item that requires periodic replacement. Frayed spots on the flat side as well as cracks, missing chunks or slick shiny parts on the grooved side are signs that it's probably time for a new belt.

Time Required:
30 minutes

Tools Needed:

  • 15mm wrench
  • 10mm socket
  • Jack and jackstands


  • Raise and support your Focus
  • Remove the lower accessory belt shield by taking out the two 10mm bolts
  • To loosen the belt tensioner, push upwards with your hand on the tensioner pulley or get on the 15mm bolt in the center of the tensioner and try to "tighten" it while under the car.
  • While the tensioner is retracted, pull the belt off from the A/C or water pump pulley, then then remove the belt by hand.
  • When replacing it, loop it around all the pulleys except the A/C pulley. Again, retract the tensioner, and then loop the belt over the A/C pulley.

    Follow the diagram below to make sure your belt is routed properly.

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