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Software I'm using on my Zenith

(Links to free stuff available soon, check out abandonware sites if you can't wait)
  • (Get it!)The Zenith DOS- No clue if it's the official OS that was shipped with this laptop or not, but it's what was installed when I got it. It includes the MODE.COM program to control the hard drive and LCD timeout, and modem, and other stuff. I also included the FREEDOS EDIT.EXE Text Editor.
  • (Get it!)The Zenith MODE program- MODE.COM program to control the hard drive and LCD timeout, and modem, and other stuff. Works on MS-DOS 6.x and 3.x, probably will work on 5.x too. Also verified to work with IBM DOS.
  • LotusWorks Suite - Database, Terminal Emulator (modem program), Spreadsheet, and Word Processor all in one. Without help files, spell check, thesaurus, and database functionality, it all fits on one 720K floppy diskette. You can put the rest of the files on another diskette to use when you need them, and swap floppies.
  • Telemate - Another Terminal emulator, much more feature-rich than the one that you get with LotusWorks Suite, features many terminal emulaton modes and a highly advanced scripting language that's easy to understand. Great for scripting old BBS Door Games, downloading files (lots of different protocols!) and the like.
  • SmallCom - Yet another small terminal emulator. Less than 50K, and loads really quick from floppy. Excellent for quick and dirty serial connections for tasks like router configuration.

  • (Get it!)PKWare PKZip 2.04g - The last free shareware version of PKZip for DOS, comes with a lot of features! Downloadable file is a self extractor.
  • Norton Commander - A decent file manager, much like XTree Gold. Came pre-installed on the hard drive in one of my SuperSports
  • (Get it!)Text Editor from the FreeDOS project - Much like the classic MS-DOS Editor, this features a few nice extras, but it's a little sluggish for the SuperSport.
  • (Get it!)BIEW For DOS - Freeware Hex Editor

  • California Games - Offers BMX, Surfing, Half-Pipe Skateboarding, and a few other extreme sports games. A good time waster. Interesting enough to not get boring too quickly.
  • Test Drive 1.0 - The original Racing Simulator for the PC. It's as close as you'll get to playing Gran Turismo 3 on your SuperSport.
  • Sopwith 1.0 - A simple 2D Side-scrolling bombing/shooting airplane game
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 - Excellent flight simulator, but the CGA display on the SuperSport makes it a little difficult to play. Display is a little choppy but surprisingly smooth considering the severe lack of processing power that these laptops have.
  • The "Original" Sim City - Again, the display makes it a little difficult to play, but the game itself works pretty well.